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TOTUS LOGISTIC limited liability company (Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością) with its registered office in Katowice was erected in 1992. It was established as a result of economical changes which occurred in Poland in 1989. The company developed from the customs agency to it’s current shape. The initial seat of the company was located in Gliwice as well as it’s sole office and the customs agency services where the companies scope of business.

Within economical changes – polish accession to the European Union – customs agency activity handling entities conducting goods turnover was minimalise according to the new customs regulations and the fact that borders were opened for European union members.

TOTUS LOGISTIC being ahead of business partner’s time spread out its business activity for domestic and international road forwarding services.

The company’s current registered seat is in Katowice nevertheless the company provides complex solution of logistic services in branches located in 11 towns of Poland,

  • Domestic road forwarding and transportation

  • International road forwarding and transportation

  • Warehousing

Undoubful influence on current company’s situation has got the Management Board’s policy of incomes investment into development of the company.   The company has strong position on the transport market because of signpost like  hiring  qualified employees, wide range of services and easiness in  adjustment into changing law regulations.