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TOTUS LOGISTIC as an employer creates opportunities of work for candidates on certain job positions as well as cooperation for transport companies, the company organize also scholarships for students. Totus logistic personal policy bases on competent and involved employees who are developing with the company.


TOTUS LOGISTIC entrust in its own employees because its certain that they are the heart of the company and that they co create the success of the company.

Permanent self improvement and respect for the employees are key values that the company uses in everyday work and in relationships with co-workers.

As an employer Totus Logistic offers:

  • challenging job in team of professionals

  • stability of employment in the company with 20 years of tradition

  • friendly atmosphere

Motivating trips

Motivating trips are the way to reward employees for their efforts and entourage them to further effective work. What is more the trips bound employees and effects employees self confidence and motivates them.

TOTUS LOGISTIC believes that integration of the employees is decisive factor to create good cooperation and guarantee success of the whole team. Each year employees meets in the most beautiful and most interesting places of Poland such as Białowieża, Polanica Zdrój, Zakopane or Praga abroad to spent the time together and strengthen relationships.